Catalogue Collages

Sometimes we are so confused and sad that all we can do is glue one thing to another. – Lynda Barry

Those words from Linda Barry struck a chord this week, so the other day I made some collages.

I seem to have a thing about using clothing catalogues. This catalogue I particularly liked because of the bright colours and the patterns used in the clothing.

Photo inspiration for first collage.

I always aim to make more than one collage at a time. My inspiration started with a photo taken earlier in the day, but after the first collage the work started taking on a life of its own. That is one of the best things about making collages.

In the end I made 5 works. One of them in particular is already leading me into a new piece of work.

The first collage.

The second collage I loved all the stripes.

Collage number 3.


Collage number 4.

The final collage.

The other unexpected result of this work was, by including words in the collage I accidentally made a spam poem.

Spam poem #6

Spam Poem #6

P.S. During my residency in Japan in 2016, I also made collages from beauty catalogues. If you want to have a look here is the link you will need to scroll to the bottom of the post.

PPS Lynda Barry can be followed on Twitter or Instagram @thenearsightedmonkey.

Collage play

I have been looking at some interesting art lately, which has revved me up to get out and make something. Collage is my go to for quick work that encourages me to bang something out without thinking too much about it.

I try to follow the principle of not stopping at making one collage, or only one of anything, when I am exploring new ideas. I managed three collages before I ran out of time to complete anymore.

Using paint to isolate the images was inspired by seeing some of the 19th century photographs from the collection of the Australian Museum, currently on display in Sydney. Many of the images on the photographs have white paint surrounding them. This was to facilitate focussing on the specimen. If you look at the final image you can see how some of this paint has deteriorated over time, resulting in some very artistic marks.

I was undecided about painting around these last collages. But I probably should to at least unify it with the other two works.

OK, I took my own advice.

Finally, here is a photo of the back cover of the catalogue for the exhibition Capturing Nature. It’s well worth a visit if you are in the area.