Between Here and Now

Like breathing in and out, moment upon moment, across a lifetime of moments, Between Here and Now explores the contradiction between the stillness of a moment and the flow of everyday life and daily routine.

In 2016 I undertook an Asialink Art residency at the Youkobo Artspace in Tokyo. My intention was to record unique moments in my experience of that city. What emerged was a series of observations of my fellow passengers on the Tokyo subway network.

The feet and legs of bored commuters or pedestrians crossing the street are set against a background of stitches – the threads of lives caught by a stitch in time by a photograph.

In each image, time works on a number of levels. A moment is captured by the photograph; time is spent stitching the photo, the stitches reflect the ebb and flow of daily life and then there is the interaction between the viewer and the work of art. Between the here and the now breathes the moment.

Between Here and Now, was exhibited at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space – Manuka in September 2018