New stitches

At last back to stitching. I was not happy with the first version of this piece which was blind stitched ‘lazy daisy’, so pulling the thread out and re-stitching was the way to go.

I didn’t take a photo of the first version, but I’ll leave you to imagine the blue diasies that were pulled out at the top.

Here in sequence is the piece as it was undone and re-sewn.


The final version …


Stitch Inspiration

I’ve found some recent inspiration in the stitching line Traces: Mapping a Journey in Textiles features several of my favourite textile artists, including Dorothy Caldwell, Susan Lordi Marker and Marian Bilenja. The exhibition was held at theGregg Museum of Art and Design North Carolina State University in May 2011. The catalogue for the show can be seen here.


This is one of Marian’s pieces. More can be seen on her Flickr stream.