Things that make you go ‘mmm’, A4 project #12

I was flattered the other day when I found out that some of my work had been ‘pinned’ on Pinterest, but what made me go ‘mmm’ was that when I looked at the boards where my work was I saw a heck of a lot of other work that was very similar to what I was doing. Similar materials and techniques, on trend?, or more part the herd than I had realised.

So my decision (made before I looked at Pinterest) to make some changes to my latest A4 piece #12, seemed like a good idea now. I looked at the base of my lastest A4 project #12 and thought that it would be very easy to leave this piece as it is, quite tasteful.


However, that’s not really the reason I’m making these pieces, to play safe. Later in the day I found a quote from American textile artist Lenore Tawney, “To be an artist you must be brave.” So here it is, a challening fabric and a work that is braver rather than safe – otherwise how will I develop?




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