1. There’s no time to hesitate! These ate done in a 10 minute parking space while my partner races into the post office to grab the mail. Also having sketched it often I have some working familiarity with the area.



      1. Would you believe that I had a special opportunity today. We had to do our necessities only shopping (our city is currently in lockdown with a delta strain outbreak). I dashed into a shop for 3 items and when I got back to the car the battery had died. To make things exciting it is the coldest day in weeks so we are less than 10°C. Thankfully the roadside assist was fast. But I did get a sketch done.😁

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    1. Emma I think it “horses for courses”. In the car I have about a 15 minute max timeframe for drawing while himself grabs the mail, so I have to be quick and there’s no point mucking around. I also love to sit and do way more complicated watercolours. If I am out sketching with my Urban Sketching group I will often spend about one and a half hours on a watercolour sketch.

      I have learned to sketch quickly if need be and I would rather grab anything to sketch on than miss an opportunity for capturing a fleeting moment. I learned to really sketch fast when I was on an organised tour in China. Our guide was very good at giving us very exact instructions for how much free time we would have in any given location. Here is a link to some of my sketches from that trip. https://leonieandrews.com/2014/11/11/beijing-the-last-leg/ I know I spent nearly two hours on the Great Wall sketch.

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