A brief encounter

I am at the end of a very brief encounter with Ikara-Flinders Range National Park and I would desperately love to be giving it more attention.

The southern end of Wilpena Pound with a headcovering of cloud.

We have just spent the second of two full days staying at Wilpena Pound. Tomorrow we leave. The weather has been vile. Cold, rainy and blowing a gale. But, but, but … it’s breathtaking.

The view from Razorback Lookout with a rainbow between showers (PS that funny line in the photo is one of the wires around the lookout).

We have sketched from our car, all of the first day and some of our second day. But my biggest frustration with this experience is finding my own voice because I seem to be painting other people’s paintings.

Australians will have some familiarity with the work of watercolourist Albert Namatjira and possibly with photographer Harold Casneaux, whose image ‘Spirit of Endurance‘, was made only a short distance from where we are staying.

So when I start painting I see Namatjira’s work floating in front of me. It’s a challenge to paint with that over your head. However, the more IĀ  thought about it I realised that I should learn from those artists, before I worry about my own style.

Late afternoon light on Wilpena Pound.

Obviously I just need to get on with it.

Wilpena Pound from Bunyeroo Gorge drive.


  1. I really like these. You captured the patterns in the landscapes and made them into a coherent whole. In such rich colors! I also enjoyed seeing scenes that are so different from what I see here at home.

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  2. Its a special place isn’t it? With the lockdowns here I am yearning to be back OUT again! Your sketches are wonderful, very evocative of the area. So often I see paintings that are supposed to be of the Flinders or Central Australia and they just aren’t right, so it is lovely to see your work which is! Fred Williams is another painter I always think of when I am out there.

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    1. Hi Anna, it is a very special place and like you I definitely wanted to stay OUT there. We caught up with artist friends in Adelaide and I suggested that we all meet there for an ‘art camp’ experience.

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