Blown away

It was very sneaky of the organisers of the Dobell drawing prize to tell me that I got a mention in this review, but not let on what that mention was.

All good!

The full review of the show by Tracy Clement can be read in the May/June print edition of Art Guide Australia or it can be read online here. The installation photo was taken by Peter Morgan, the in-house photographer at the National Art School in Sydney.


      1. Especially in light of what we were just saying about fiber art and how it is sometimes not even viewed as art. I loved the idea of this work you did, the execution of it, and now it’s great to see it recognized for what it is – a good piece of art and…interesting and beautiful to look at all on its own, undefined. I also liked how the reviewer picked up on the idea of chance.

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      2. I think it was the idea of chance that really backed up the visuals which makes this piece work so well. What’s interesting is that I made it as an exercise to stitch every day and intended it only for my own benefit.

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