Backyard Still lifes

Sitting in the  garden deciding what to draw. I looked up and spotted this great colour combination.  (PS the strange light bands across the drawing is an artefact of taking photos in the strong sunlight).


Still life with punching bag and barbeque, pencil on grey tone paper, 4 February 2016

After this I turned my head and found my next subject, a folded umbrella.


Umbrella, handle and brick wall, pencil on grey toned paper, 4 February 2016

The Titan Aram

Horticultural types have been aghast with excitement at the second flowering of a Titan Arum lily (Amorphophaĺlus titanum) in the precincts of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens within weeks (the first flowered at the end of December 2015).

This second bloom, named “Ganteng”, or ‘handsome’, in Indonesian, started flowering on Sunday. I caught the story on the Sunday news so, as we were already visiting the family in Adelaide, getting to the gardens became a priority.

Thousands of people have visited the Bicentennial Conservatory since the flower first opened so we were relieved to find that by the time we arrived on Wednesday there not many people there at all. I made two drawings of the plant, both from the overhead walkway in the conservatory.


The Titan Arum, pencil on grey-toned paper, 3 February 2016

In the second drawing i tried to capture some of the excitement and interest viewing the flower has generated.

I’m not sure how long the flower will be on display, as it is curling up almost as fast as it unfurled. I’d love to get back and have another go at drawing it.