Lines of Inquiry

After last week’s workshop I felt that huge buzz that comes when new ideas and approaches are opening up. The Little Oxford dictionary’s succinct definition of inquiry is “asking; question; investigation”. I like the open endedness of that definition. At present I’m happy to ask the questions without worrying too much about specific answers.

I’m looking at how to develop physical layers in my work. I’m interested in trying out different ways of creating transparency and opacity in these ‘sketches’. Some of the techniques I’m thinking about are using meshes, such as the fly wire I have trialled here.

Cotton stitching onto fly screen mesh

Cotton stitching onto fly screen mesh

In this second sketch the inspiration has come from a photograph that I have drawn onto.

Stitching into fly wire with source material.

Stitching into fly wire with source material.

This next sketch has several layers. The bottom is a photograph, over which I’ve placed a piece of screen printing mesh which I’ve drawn onto and on top of that a piece of cotton embroidery on canvas.

Photograph overlaid with mesh and embroidery.

Photograph overlaid with mesh and embroidery.

The handy thing about this piece is that the layers are still separate so I can try out different configurations. Taking photos of the possible variations is an quick way of trying my ideas out.

Lastly I took one of my photos and played around with focusing in on one section, then scaling it up. I’ve also worked back into the photograph with coloured pencils.

From original photograph to scaled-up final image.

From original photograph to scaled-up final image.

I like how this detail has become abstracted. I could use it as a background or a feature element. If I focus on the lines then I could use it as a ‘mesh’ within a piece of work. The possibilities are still to be fully explored.

Off the Square exhibition 10 – 26 May 2013

Here is advanced notice of an exhibition, which will include my work, to be held at the Belconnen Arts Centre from 10 to 26 May 2013.

Off the Square, curated by Peter Haynes, consultant curator, writer and art historian, presents works by Craft ACT’s vibrant membership of craft practitioners and designer makers. Highlighted will be a variety of approaches to medium and practice.

The opening will be at 5.30 pm on Friday 10 May and there will be a meet the artists event at 2.00pm Saturday 18 May.

This is Us - detail

A detail of one of my works in the exhibition

The A4 Project

I’ve been doing quite a bit of sketching and painting lately so I thought it might be time to get back to stitching. I’m trying to develop a more sketch-like approach to my stitching.

I’m pulling together random scraps of fabric, which can be found lying around all over my house. The scraps are being assembled to an A4 size (roughly), without dwelling too long on composition and attached using simple stitches. While these take a bit longer to make than drawing a sketch, I’m trying to develop a similar approach by limiting my modifications of the fabric.

Here are the first two:
1 October (front)


1 October (back)


3 October (front)


3 October (back)