1. Leonie, thanks for sharing the photo. Its a great piece of artwork, love the title. Would like to know the back story to the ‘ found on a roadside ‘.
    Using thread to get tones and form is so under rated! the exception to that is of course anyone who embroiders.
    Congratulations again on being a finalist , then selling too.!

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    1. Thanks Denise for your kind comments. We were driving to Adelaide and pulled over at a rest stop for a break somewhere past Balranald. I walked arond a bit and found a paper boat on the ground made out of an accommodation brochure. It reminded me of those early European explorers who carried boats for when they reached the mythical inland sea. You can’t make up such odd experiences! This is the sort of experience bthat begs to be made into an artwork.



      1. Interesting as it does have a ‘paper boat’ look about it and collage. Is this all one piece? Can’t quite imagine the process of the threads work in this way but must be so satisfying when it comes together so well and then to be acknowledged so highly as a finalist.

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