Working Wednesday

No cafe for me today. I was back at Megalo Print Studio + Gallery for my first screen printing session in ages. Things are starting off slowly. I’m looking at images for the show I’m in at the end of the year, so no time to waste. I’m testing out incorporating some of my drawing techniques into my work.

Dye screen print onto plant dyed cloth, 20 May 2015

Dye screen print onto plant dyed cloth, 20 May 2015

My ideas often develop more quickly when I’m actually ‘doing’ rather than sitting and thinking, so here’s to ‘doing’.

If you would like to see how Megalo operates there is a great, short video on their homepage, filmed by Rowan Grant of Sixth Row Productions.

Print run

One week after I finished my extended printing sessions at Megalo and I’m still feeling physically exhausted. I need some time and space to gather my thoughts on what I have done.

There was lots of energy generated working alongside other printers. The development ideas over a period of weeks was a very powerful experience.

Considering the energy I found it may not be surprising that one of the images that came to me was a burning sun – or maybe that was due to watching Stephen Hawking’s documentary series on over the same period on SBS.