Walks, Cafes etc

We have been doing a lot of walking since the pandemic started, originally prompted by restricted exercise periods for months at a time. Now walking is a regular activity and each week we try and do a slightly longer walk. We often break this up with a coffee, in our Thermos, or at one of the pop-up coffee carts that seem to be proliferating along popular walking tracks around the city.

Covered with a nice paperbag from a local bookshop

I hate carrying too much on these walks so I now carry this home made 10×14 cm sketchbook made of paper offcuts. Here are some of my recent sketches.

The sketches are adding up!
Late afternoon around Lake Tuggeranong
Coffee at the pop-up coffee cart Mt Taylor. In reality the Golden Retreiver wasn’t quite that long in the body!😄
A Thermos of coffee when we walked around the base of Mt Taylor
Patrons at the local coffee shop, a stop on our walk around Lake Tuggeranong
Bonus Black Swans with an almost fully grown cygnet.


  1. Really like your sketches. I have been visiting my sister in Glebe and sketching some of the buildings etc in Glebe, Balmain and Annandale.
    Cheers Tom

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  2. I love seeing this work, so fresh. I’m assuming you sketch as you’re out on the walk (stopping, I mean, to draw, not walking and drawing!). I walk a lot too and have for years, but I take photos and draw from them at home- it’s easier for me with my eyesight I often can’t see as well as the camera can.

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    1. Yes I do stop to draw. Sometimes it’s a very quick doodle, which I might work up later. I am trying to keep my work fresh but I know that I can spent ages drawing when I need to be doing other things.

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