1. I would love to swap some art with you! What a lovely idea. I don’t know what the postal service will be like. I am in Australia and the international post is slow now. Relying on more limited flights I assume.



      1. I am not sure if you follow my personal blog, but I do art drop offs where ever I go, have been for some years. I LOVE being the (anonymous) person who leaves a surprise for people I will never meet (though a few times people have left notes for me and a couple of times I’ve been contacted by someone who searched me out). I hope you will do more of this, I think you will like it, and I would love to read about it…I am still feeling happy about my poetry “exhibit” that you did and I feel this is along the same lines, an affirmation of art and hope.

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      2. Thanks Claudia and no I don’t follow your personal blog (why ever not?). I have seen mention of your artwork drops. This seems to be getting off to a slow start so I may have to rethink my strategy. Any tips would be welcome.

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      3. claudiamcgilladvice.wordpress.com is the address, its title is Sometimes You Get So Confused. I write about my everyday life and part of it is giving out art ( I categorize it under Art Drops In if you look). I also did a big project back in Dec 2014-March 2015 called the Sunshine Project where I did art drop offs every day of that winter. I could go on and on but the blog is probably more than enough. But if you want to talk more about it email me and if I can help I’ll be so happy to. I really love doing this and it’s brought up lots of stories along the way.

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    1. I put a hashtag on the back of the work, so hopefully that will be found. However I am questioning whether my local area is the place to do this. I suspect that people are reluctant to take anything left around. We often see lost items of clothing at our local oval that stay exactly where they were left for days and weeks.



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