Canberra on a winter’s day

Our Urban Sketchers group met today four our first ‘official’ winter sketch of the year. The complete lack of sun didn’t deter our group, 24 hardy souls turned out.

As I am recovering from a really nasty cold I was happy to find a spot inside a coffee shop with a bench seat looking out the window to a collection of umbrellas. 

Eventually the sun broke through the fog so I made a second quick sketch of one of the shop windows.


      1. Oh no – I’m catching up with your blog whilst stewarding at the gallery I help to run and now of course I have been introduced to the concept of minted hot chocolate and now I want one! Right now!

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  1. I love the muted scheme of color. And the subject of what’s seen outside from inside is intriguing because I imagine you sitting in one place observing another. Another layer to your drawings existing in my imagination. Just great.

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    1. Thanks Anna. I think once I decided to focus on the umbrellas I let myself be a bit more spontaneous. I often remind fellow sketchers that you don’t have to include ‘everything’ in your line of sight. For once I took my own advice! ๐Ÿ˜



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