We all have our favourite colours and not suprisingly they are the ones we go back to time and time again. My ‘problem’ has been trying not to do this.

Not sure what to do I’ve tried some pretty wild combinations in an attempt to get out of my colour routine.


Another approach has been to look at colours other artists use. There are some great colourists out there and I came across, one of those, Brian Clarke, via a documentary on SBS. What is really interesting is that Clarke has both a stained glass and a painting practice. One of the pieces I found most inspiring is a stain glass window he designed for the Abbey of Romont in Switzerland. A green shape floats against a checked background of blues and red. A photo of this window can be found here.

I was pleased with the result of taking both colour ideas and my stencilling/masking ideas into some new printed work.


Thanks for commenting, I like to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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