Watercolour 1 May 2013

I’ve been really encouraged reading other peoples blogs about drawing to keep up with my own work so thanks to DesignedbyDooge, CrenellatedArts and Kestrelart for the ‘virtual’ inspiration.

My latest effort is this tea cup and saucer which my partner bought for me at an op-shop a few weeks ago. The cup and saucer was made by the Westminster Fine China Australia ( see item 247) and is rather fetchingly described as a ‘tennis set’. I presume this is because ladies who were taking a break from playing tennis could easily fit their cake onto the saucer/plate (it’s rectangular in shape) while still balancing their cup. I think it is from the late 1950’s/early 1960’s.

Westminster Fine China Australia 'tennis set'

Westminster Fine China Australia ‘tennis set’

I was aiming to paint this without resorting to outlining –  which might have been more easily achieved if I hadn’t decided to use watercolour pencils. To add to the challenge the set is highlighted with a gold rim (which is “guaranteed 22 carat” by the manufacturers label). There are some passages, inside the cup which I think have worked well, but I’m most pleased with the result with the black and white gingham tablecloth.

Mountain Views

Early in March this year rangers arrived at the Namadgi National Park visitor information centre to see that a major rockslide had occurred during the night, gouging a pale stripe down three quarters of the mountains’ north-east face.

The landslip looks pretty dramatic close up, but driving around Tuggeranong it is clear that it is even more striking from a distance.


So this weeks exercise involved just that, climbing up Mt Taylor to get a good view of Mt Tennant. I made the following drawing using watercolour pencils.


It turns out that you can also see a man-made gash in the side of the Bullen Range, I presume it is a fire trail, quite rusty-orange against the vegetation, compared to the decidedly pink colour of the rockslide on Mt Tennant. This picture takes a ‘slice’ from Mt Gingera, down through Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and into the forground of the Bullen Range.