Cover Birds

I threw caution away last week and selected these two books to read solely due to their exquisite cover art.


Darren Gilbert, Black Swan, 2012, ink on illustration board. Cover design by Harry Williamson

Wright’s post climate change apocalypse, seen from the perspective of a seriously damaged individual, was a challenging read. In the end I couldn’t leave the world of swans and global swan mythology without seeing it through to the end.


Joushua Yeldham, Prayer for Protection – Hawkesbury River, 2010, oil and mixed media on carved board. Cover design, photography and art Joshua Yeldham.

I swooned and fell into Joshua Yeldham’s writing for his daughter Indigo. I’ve seen his work and this book is full of stunning examples of his art and engaging excerpts from his journal and life story. All I can say is more please!