Finger Drawings

One of the more unexpected features of the Kobo e-reader I received for my birthday was a sketching function. The device does describe this as an experimental feature, which it certainly is.

However there’s nothing like a challenge – and in this case the challenge is that you draw with your finger!


While you need the whole of your finger pad to draw, what comes out is a very thin line. That’s it, no thicker lines, no colour, no way or erasing any line you don’t like.

There also seem to be some random glitches like the right angle that ‘appeared’ in the drawing of my jacket hanging on the door.


At this stage my images are fairly rudimentary, but that said I think they have a certain naive energy.


In this work I was responding responding to work, The Desert, by poet/artist Jen Bervin whose works can be found at her website.