Filming fun

My lock down project appears to have become filming and learning to edit video footage from my smartphone. It is certainly a challenge as it turns out I can’t find a local adult education class for the editing suite I want to learn – Da Vinci Resolve- however with the help of YouTube I am muddling through. I am trying to locate a good online class instead.

Filming a video with my jury-rigged studio set up.

In the meantime I am having fun exploring the video options on my phone and then seeing what I can do with it.

I tried to load a video here but apparently my pay level doesn’t allow for videos on WordPress 😪. I may never make it to Hollywood but I am having a lot of fun.

Oops I should be better at marketing. I forgot to say that you can find me on YouTube by searching for ‘leonieandrewsart’ or following this link.

Here is the latest video!


  1. Wow, congratulations to you for all the progress you’re making. I’ll be checking out your work. Will you be announcing new videos here? I mention it because I don’t follow anything but blogs ( I realize I’m being self serving!). I admire your determination and patience in figuring this out on your own.

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    1. Thanks Claudia. I gather from the latest research that doing Sudoku and crosswords don’t cut the mustard in keeping your brain active. Doing all of this videoing and more importantly getting the editing done is the most challenging thing I have done in years.

      Thank you also for prompting me to post about my new videos here, because I get caught in the self-referencing social media world and I forget all the people who still read blogs. Blogs are supposed to be making a comeback so I hear.

      I will be sure let you and everyone else know what’s new when it happens.

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      1. Thank you. I’ll never (barring unforeseen circumstances) do any other social media than the blog, so I appreciate your mentioning them there. I am eager to take in your work!


  2. Wow! Well done! It looks great. You can embed the you tube video on to your wordpress page by clicking on the “Share” tab on the bottom right of the video, copying the link to your clipboard and pasting it into your blog.

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