The Dobell Drawing Prize 2019

I’m thrilled to share the news with you that my work ‘365 Days’ is one of 58 finalists in the Dobell Drawing Prize 2019. The Prize showcases the expanded field of drawing, celebrating innovation, technical skills and diverse media.

The National Art School in association with the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation will present the Dobell Drawing Prize on 28 March 2019.

Over the course of 2017, I used a simple set of rules to generate a work where my hands and my memory made marks, without the intervention of my sight. The rules were stitch daily and stitch with my eyes closed. The year’s marks read as a map of my mind and hands finding their way across a bounded space.

The judges, Michelle Belgiorno, Simon Cooper and Ben Quilty, said of the submissions:

“We were amazed not only by the number of entries, but by their quality and sheer variety of approaches to drawing. It’s clear that today’s artists explore drawing’s full range of possibilities – from sculptural, performative and digital drawings, to extremely skilful works using classic materials such as charcoal and ink. We’re thrilled to see such technical talent and innovation reflected in this year’s shortlist.”

The exhibition of finalist’s works, will be held at the National Art School, running from 28 March – 25 May 2019

National Art School | Forbes St, Darlinghurst NSW


    1. Thanks Mo! I am so thrilled to be selected. The exhibition opens on 28 March and runs through to the end of May at the National Art School in Darlinghurst. I hope you can get along sometime while it’s on.



  1. I don’t know how I missed seeing this. I hope you’ll accept my belated congratulations. I love the idea of this and then seeing it, well, it’s mesmerizing to look at. It reminds me of a map, but then I guess it is, a map of your inner world made tangible. Fantastic work and news, both.

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      1. Oh, this just gets better and better. What a great opportunity and what a wonderful feeling this must be giving you. I’ll look forward to the photos. And, I wonder if you will be giving details on how the piece was framed – I am interested how it will be done so as to show it off best.


      2. Claudia I will be happy to provide details. You will be glad to know that I shamelessly begged a conservator friend about it and she has given us very strict instructions as to how to proceed. Both my partner who is making the frame and I have our orders.😄

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      3. My husband used to do the framing for when I did collage and it needed to be put under glass. I’m not good at it but I learned from him how he goes about it, and I hope you will show your process as I am sure it is different from paper items being framed. I know there are issues with fabric and fibers as to how they should be presented.


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