Opening Stitches Project

In 2019 I am starting a new project called Opening Stitches. In this project I ask people to provide a square of cloth with one or two sets of ‘opening stitches’ on it. I will then take the cloth and continue stitching in response to the stitches provided to me.

I plan to combine the collected pieces into one or more works that may be exhibited in future. All participants will be credited for their work (unless you wish to have your name withheld).

You can follow my progress on Instagram @leonieandrewsart

If you are interested in participating please contact me for mailing details.


Guildelines for joining the project


The start of two trial pieces in this series.


One of my trial pieces at 24 January 2019


Detail of my trial piece, 2019. Opening stitches provided by Alexis Yeadon and Susan Weisser.


  1. These stitches have a curiously ancient feel to them ( I think its the colour of cloth that puts me in mind of parchment) yet at the same time I am looking at the stitches thinking, that’s a sort of daisy stitch, that’s a running stitch…takes me back many years when I had an embroidery craze as a teenager!

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  2. Thanks for your thoughts Emma! The cloth has been dyed with leaves from eucalypt trees and yes the stitches arebased on regular embroidery, but when I close my eyes I only have my memory to guide my hands.



  3. This looks very exciting Leonie! Great to see the start of a project. It eeminda me of asomething I wanted to do – swapping and finishing paintings, I should look at that again. I did have ago at blind stitching after one of your previous posts I commented on. A really interesting method and result.



    1. I am rather addicted to the process as well. I now find it quite meditative as I need to focus on making my hands follow my minds memory of making the stitch. I tend to stab myself only if I get distracted.😂 Now there’s a lesson.
      Definitely have a go with your painting swap. I would love to hear more about it.

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  4. What a beautiful feed and found you on IG too… So lovely. New to slow stitching, embracing its comfort. I’d love to participate and will email you.



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