National Arboretum Canberra

Today we had a large group of sketchers meet at the National Arboretum, which has some of the best views over the city of Canberra. The shape of the central building on the site is leaf-shaped from above, and the curve of the roofline echoes the nearby hills.

I worked on capturing the curve of the most prominent part of the building along with the view across to the telecommunications tower on the nearby Black Mountain.

I prepared my page with splashes of paint before sketching.


    1. Thanks Anna. I saw it online, it is a favourite technique of one of the people who established Urban Sketchers Singapore Tia Boon Sim. Of course now I can’t find the video that inspired me.



      1. I have a friend who prepares most pages of her sketchbook, either with some watercolour or a bit of collaged paper when she goes travelling – its the old thing of breaking down that white page, and leads to all sorts of interesting results.

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  1. For some reason your blog is not appearing in my reader, even though it keeps saying it’s already on the list. This seems to be a big problem with WordPress, along with comments disappearing and being put into spam…I’m going to unfollow and refollow to see if that works. I’ll also send another complaint…(K)

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