1. What I like best about working with my eyes closed is that I can’t ‘judge’ what I am doing. I can’t self censor. As a result the work is much bolder than if I could see what I wss doing.

    1. High praise indeed. I had the sheer joy of seeing her work when I was in Japan last year. My favourite piece you could walk all around. It was suspended in the gallery by its four corners.


      1. I would love to see her work in real life, the closest I have come is 3 of her books, Culte a la Carte, Punk & Gris Gris

      2. Yes i have those too. I emailed her before I went to Japan and she told me about the exhibition. Sadly I didn’t get to meet her, which would have been exciting.

    1. Thanks Neil. It is always interesting to hear what other people are finding in the work. I did a really interesting class on maps and mapping at art school. It remains an interest, but I hadn’t thought of it in this context. Thanks I think I will have a bit of a chew on that idea.


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