The dreaded lurgy

There are rhythms to all residences, but what I wasn’t expecting was to get laid low by food poisoning! It’s certainly put a damper on the past couple of days. Just when I thought I was improving my body decided otherwise. It has been difficult to accept that I can’t do the things I want to, however as we are travelling to see some of the Setouchi Triennial so getting better is the priority. 

Work has been moving along steadily with new ideas developing as I stitch away. In the lead up to the open studio I have also been working on a catalogue to accompany my pieces of work.

Work in progress, sitich on photographic prints

We have also been out with the Tokyo Sketchers again. It’s great to catch up with them although our plan to sketch the Harajuku Station turned out to be somewhat of a challenge.  There was nowhere to sit and sketch so after our scheduled hour of drawing everyone’s feet were really aching. Luckily we retreated to a nearby cafe where we continued to draw, with the added bonus of good coffee to go with it.

Harajuku Station tower against a backdrop of apartments

I also managed to tick off one of my ‘must dos’ for this trip – a visit to the art store (that seems a pale description), called Pigment. It is located in a rather barren commercial part of the city, well away from the glitzy parts of the city which would seem to be the obvious place for it to be located.

The exterior of Pigment, a hint of the style of this amazing store

Inside are so many pigments, a whole wall of them, not to mention the odd brush of several hundred! 

Would you like another brush to go with that one?

Not only are the displays works of art in themselves, but so are the individual tools. 

Exquisite agate topped tools for burnishing gold and other metal leaf

It will surprise no one that I left this store with a significantly lowered bank account. 

PS We have made it to the Setouchi Triennial. There is an overwhelming amount to see and do but we will try.


  1. Food poisoning, dreadful! The aching muscles and tiredness that follows, too. So sorry to hear. Hope you are well recovered soon. That art supply shop looks like utopia! Wish I could teleport myself there ๐Ÿ™‚ Will look forward to seeing all your work. Looks like a wonderful, inspiring and productive trip.

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