Playtime with Andy Warhol balloons at the NGV

Playtime with Andy Warhol balloons at the National Gallery Victoria (NGV)

I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to tell you that I have been awarded an Asialink Arts Residency in Tokyo!
This means that I have been given a grant to go and work on my art for two whole months (later this year) at the Youkobo Artspace in Tokyo.
Last week I was in Melbourne meeting with the staff from Asialink and many of the others artists, including writers, visual artists and curators who will also be travelling and working across Asia in 2016. It was great to meet the other artists and find out what they will be doing and also to hear from previous grant recipients about their experiences. It’s very exciting and at the same time just a bit daunting to be part of this program.

In addition to Asialink, the arts residency program is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and also in my case by Arts ACT.

You can read the Arts ACT press release here.

A full list of the 2016 residents can be found here.

Asialink+AsiaSoc.23March(1)      Australia Council     Supported_by_ACTGovt


      1. Don’t underestimate the effects of culture shock and find our everything you can about manners and etiquette. Many Asian cultures have complex codes of conduct and it’s easy to inadvertently offend. In Pakistan it is normal to give a tiny gift when visiting so half my suitcase was taken up with little wrapped presents. It varies from country to country. The climate will have an effect on your artist materials. Check dress codes, have comfortable shoes. Be prepared to be surrounded by far more people than you may be used to, a lot of Asian cities have huge populations. It will be fab 😀

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