On the ground in Singapore

We are here in Singapore just about to register for the Urban Sketchers Symposium for 2015.
We’ve already run into several other sketchers and there are reports of sketchbooks and watercolours across the city.


Drawing boabs in the Flower Dome

We spent yesterday wandering around Gardens at the Bay an amazing place with two hugh climate controlled conservatories. In the surrounding grounds stand the Super Trees, massive metal structures some 3 stories tall, with vines and plants growing up them. You can take a lift up the towers and do the sky walk that links several of them. Behind them is the triple building with the ‘surfboard’ on top. Such a sight.


Super Trees and the Marina Sands Hotel

It’s pretty exciting and will get more so when we start our workshops tomorrow.
PS Please excuse the dodgy pictures as I am using the phone camera (no room for the scanner in my luggage).

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