Fast times in Adelaide museums

I had two hours to spare yesterday before heading off to a major family celebration (Happy Birthday M), so a very quick visit to the South Australian art gallery was in order. I managed to fit in a quick trip around Trent Parke’s exhibition of photography , Black Rose, before grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Before I left the museum I made a quick sketch as Artemis, goddess of the hunt ran past me.


The Bowmore Artemis, Roman 2nd century AD, marble , pencil, 12xApril 2015

I decided to eat next door at the Museum of SA where I was able to keep company with the remains of a Humpback Whale (I have also been privileged to see these amazing animals swimming of the south east ciast of Australia).


Skeleton of a Humpback whale, Copic multiliner, 12 April 2014


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