Hi to my sketching buddies

Hi folks, I am still having a great time sketching daily life and scenes of China, but the wheels have fallen off the uploading waggon in the last few places we’ve stayed and I haven’t been able to upload posts with pictures. So depending on how things go you may see no posts or lots of posts depending on the wifi.
A special shout out to Kestrelart, we went out last night (25 October) and saw the cormorant fishing. You know it may be set up for the tourists, but the birds don’t know that. It was a magical experience even though it took place next to a busy road, under a big traffic bridge and with jet planes going overhead. The fisherman just kept encouraging the bids to dive for fish. The birds were really getting among the fish and caught quite a few.


I was able to get up close to the birds before and after the demonstration and they seem fit and well and pretty happy with their fishing family.


Anyway I hope I will be able to send some more pictures soon.

Thanks for commenting, I like to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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