I’m flitting around trying out a whole lot of different drawing techniques at present. I have several drawing programs on my phablet (Galaxy Note2), the S-Note program which is what I usually draw with and I also have the PS Touch (Photoshop) app. I use regular Photoshop quite a bit so the PS Touch is reasonably familiar, or will be once I can find where all the tools are located! Anyway I was prompted by this post to give my  PS Touch app another go. Another artist I find has a particularly interesting e-drawing style is 3eCheval from Quebec. I love the stripped back quality of her work which reminds me of screen prints.

My first effort with the PS Touch turned out just like one of my S-Note drawings, mainly because I wasn’t thinking enough about utilising the layering process.

Painting with door. 18 February 2014

Painting with door. 18 February 2014

I think my second drawing, if not an artistic masterpiece, at least used the layers to better effect. I was able to erase back to different layers and I found swapping between layers much easier than on my big computer.

PS Touch drawing 18 February 2014.

PS Touch drawing 18 February 2014.

I suppose at this early stage of e-drawing my biggest suggestion would be that if you are using a stylus to draw,  select the finer ‘pen’ settings to draw with. I at least find them a lot easier to control than larger size ‘pens’ and ‘brushes’.

Thanks for commenting, I like to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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