The dinosaur at my coffee shop

I’m not sure how this happened, but I forgot to publish this post from last month (15 May). Better late than never, which might be appropriate for my subject matter.

I was thinking that there wasn’t much to draw today when I went for my regular cup of coffee then I remembered the dinosaur next to the coffee shop. Yup, a Postosuchus, a North American dinosaur that was part of the ancestral lineage of today’s crocodiles.  Of course this is a model rather than the real thing and belongs to the reptile shop next door to the coffee shop. While our friend looked quite jaunty over Christmas, sporting a red Santa hat, I am glad I wasn’t around when it was alive as it was one of the top predators of it’s era.  Here is my quick pen sketch.

A pen sketch of our local Postosuchus

A pen sketch of our local Postosuchus (yes, I did get the spelling wrong on the drawing)

As someone who fancies her powers of observation, that fact that I never thought to draw this chap before seems to be rather a lapse.

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