Little books

I made this book back in June and forgot to post the pictures. This concertina book is 8cm high and about 5 cm wide. As it is made from some left-over bits of pages from my drawing book its shape is a bit ‘random’.


My plan for this little book was to do a series of sketches of objects that caught my eye in one of those beautifully set out interior design books.


The book I was looking at was Hand Made Home by Mark & Sally Bailey, (published by Ryland, Peters & Small 2011). There were lots of interesting pots, stools and chairs, fabrics and other paraphenalia. My goal was to only spend a few minutes on painting each item.

The book is painted on both sides and is 42 cm in length.


This took just over 1 hour to finish, which went a long way to ensuring that I didn’t overwork each piece.

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