Fetish – Opening Night

Wow the show is up and all the work looks fantastic, thanks to the massive coordinating prowess of curator Eleanor Jane Robinson and hanging help from Clare Weeks (whose beautiful photograph, Noisy Minor appears on the exhibition invitation, see previous post).

Podspace was absolutely jam-packed on opening night and Jen and the other Octapod staff gave us great help in setting up and managing the food and drink.


The opening in full swing!


Seen here in the gallery window are Gazes 1&2 and 3&4, by Eleanor Jane Robinson. These amazing works are all stitched with black thread (no not drawn) and just to add to the degree of difficulty all the stitches are all made vertically.


Here is another of Robinson’s works from The Glimpses series.


Daniel Smith’s work is both quirky and amazingly detailed. The top image is Tension and the one below is Beauty Therapy? His series of small diorama’s are made with scale model figures and quite a bit of imagination. More of Daniel’s work can be seen on his site.


Sylvie Ray’s works added the extra dimension of sound to the show and encouraged interaction with gallery visitors. People were surprised to hear the gentle sound made when the grains in the basin were poured over the porcelain lips in her work Lipsink (above)


Ray’s found object and porcelain Tongue Tired (above) also received a great response and was one of the most commented upon works on the night.


Here is my contribution, The Odd Couple 2, Calling and Washed Up (from left to right).

My apologies for not having good images to show of the work of other artists in the show. These include Sarah Barron’s Muybridge series, complex images using cyanotype and mixed media processes; Rose Turner’s paintings Fecund Phalanges; Sally Dooner’s Mossy Point series, using images composed of delicate shells and bones and her lantern slides of birds; and Gina McDonald’s print series Love Fetishes in Brancusi’s Studio.

It was really good to see that there were plenty of sales across the exhibition on opening night. Music to an artist’s ears!

Thanks for commenting, I like to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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