By this Unwinking Light

The collage and paper works of Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison are currently showing at the  LaTrobe Regional Gallery (138 Commercial Road, Morwell) untill Sunday 1 April 2012.

As I see no likelihood of getting to see this show I was happy to ‘visit’ the show via Gracia and Louise’s tumblr page.


The one thing I find odd is that the beautiful birds that grace the wall of the exhibition appear to be rather obviously nailed to the wall – I think it really detracts from the delicacy of the work. [Please read Gracia’s comment which explains the choice of hanging method].


Thanks to the Craft Victoria Craft Blog for drawing this work to my attention.

One Comment

  1. Hi Leonie.No correcting. Just thought you might be curious as to our reasoning for hanging the work thusly.We had tremendous fun both working towards this exhibition and hanging it and are glad it piqued your interest.Cheers,G



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