Get some colour in your life

The International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes, or ISEND 2011 has recently been held in France. I was mosey-ing past India Flint’s blog this morning and folowed her link to the ISEND site where I found a whole lot of short videos about the event.

I haven’t looked at all the videos and they come in a range of languages, so not all may be comprehensible unless your schoolgirl French is a bit better than mine. However I would strongly suggest that you read India’s post about the conference first as she makes some very valid points about people being far less aware than they should be about wild harvesting of plants and animals used for dyeing. Given some of the comments I heard in the videos I watched she is absolutely spot-on. Worth a read and a look.


This is a dyebath I made earlier this year with Eucalyptus cinerea leaves (Argyle Apple), collected from branches blown down from trees in a nearby park after a storm.

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