365 Days of Hand Stitching

In 2017 I undertook the challenge of stitching one thread a day for the whole of the year.

My base fabric measures 60 cm (h) x 45 cm (w), dimensions variable. It is made up of 4 pieces of cloth joined together. Three of the pieces have been dyed with plant materials and the fourth is commercially dyed.

All the threads I use are remnants of past projects, have been donated by family and friends or have been bought at thrift stores.

The Process
I made the decision up front to ‘stitch with my eyes closed’, (a process I have been using for a number of years, see the links at the bottom of this page).

This choice has diluted my visual self-censorship and the urge towards neatness. I also left the decision about which thread and which stitch to use, until the moment I picked up the work.

The piece is stitched on both sides. There is no right or wrong side.

At the end of the first 100 days the work looked like this.


The second 100 days of stitching is documented here.


This is the piece as it looked at the end of 200 days of stitching. 

The final version of the piece, at 365 days, looked like this.

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